Here at Australian Training Products, our services do not end once you have purchased our quality resources. We offer a suite of services that can assist your RTO in meeting the requirements under the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Compliance support services

Validation consultancy service

RTOs are required to validate the Training and Assessment Strategy, as well as the resources for each unit of competency.
Australian Training Products can assist you with validating your TAS, and all of your resources. These will include any of our resources that you have contextualised as well as any resources that you have developed or purchased elsewhere.
As part of our service, Australian Training Products can provide validation templates and guidance on how to conduct and record effective validation sessions. If required, we can also facilitate or participate in a validation session.

Audit feedback reports

In the event that your RTO is involved in a regulated audit and found to be non-compliant with either our learning materials or assessments resources, then Australian Training Products will provide you with an audit response and, where required, rectification within 21 business days.
(We will need a full copy of the regulated report with an outline of the compliance requirements as soon as possible to ensure you can respond within the audit response time.)

Developing a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)

Australian Training Products can provide guidance on how to develop a TAS and assist in validating your TAS, as part of your RTO requirements.
For more information on the above consulting services and the fee structure, or to request an appointment, please contact us.

Professional development

As outlined in the Standards for RTOs 2015 under Standard 1 Clause 1.13, trainers and assessors are required to have:

  1. Vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed
  2. Current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment being provided
  3. Current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs their training and assessment.

RTOs will need to ensure that their trainers and assessors continue to undertake and provide evidence of relevant professional development in Vocational Education and Training.

Further information on the trainer and assessor requirements under Standard 1 is available here.

Australian Training Products offers a range of professional development courses through the IBSA Academy.