MSS403085 Ensure process improvements are sustained

What’s it about?

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to ensure that the gains which have been made by using improved methods, processes and/or equipment are sustained as the new baseline or standard for an area of work and so prevent regression to former practices, or digression to less efficient practices.

Who’s it for?

This unit applies to individuals working in a team or work area who have already implemented competitive systems and practices related improvements in their own work and who must work effectively with others implementing competitive systems and practices to ensure that performance improvement gains are sustained.

The unit applies to team leaders, senior operators, technicians or tradespeople who are required to mentor others and integrate the application of their technical skills with the implementation of competitive systems and practices in an organisation. Employees will be required to problem solve, show initiative, plan, organise and manage own output and development.

The unit applies to all areas of an organisation, including production, maintenance, logistics and office functions.

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