MSS403001 Review competitive systems and practices

What’s it about?

This unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required by an individual to review competitive systems and practices in their own work in a way that integrates with others in the team or work area who are also implementing competitive systems and practices. The unit focuses on the holistic application of competitive systems and practices to achieve improved performance in own work and in activities with others in the team or work area that contribute to improving customer benefit. Depending on the operations or processes in the team or work area the unit may also include interaction with other teams and work areas.

Who’s it for?

The unit is suitable for individuals who have formal responsibility for the work of others, such as team leaders. It is also suitable for individuals, such as technicians and tradespeople, who must integrate the application of their technical skills with the implementation of competitive systems and practices in an organisation.

The unit applies to the areas of cost, quality, delivery, safety/environment, and employee capability, including continuous reviewing of performance against these five areas in liaison with other relevant people. Improvement initiatives in these five areas are usually developed and implemented with the support of technical support staff. Whereas other units may emphasise the competence to use one or more competitive practices, this unit emphasises the ability to advance on all five key areas over a moderate time period.

This unit requires the application of skills associated with problem solving and initiative and enterprise in order to identify opportunities to make improvements and maximise performance. Communication, the ability to work in a team and planning and organising skills are required to implement improvements and address any conflicts that arise. This unit also requires an ability to identify appropriate technology, and to consider and integrate feedback on how personal performance can be improved.

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