MSS402050 Monitor process capability

What’s it about?

This unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required for gathering of data and the interpretation of simple information to determine the compliance of the process and the taking of action as defined by the procedures where the information reveals the process is out of control parameters.

Who’s it for?

This unit applies to an individual in an organisation adopting specific competitive systems and practices, usually either six sigma or statistical process control/three sigma, as a means of determining and improving the capability of their process to customer requirements. The individual is involved in collecting specified data and performing specified manipulations to the data (typically by plotting on a chart or by entering into a nominated computer program). The information is typically presented to team members in terms of graphs/charts which they are expected to interpret at a basic level and then take action in accordance with procedures to restore the process to being under control parameters.

This unit requires the application of skills associated with entering and monitoring operational data and information and requires initiative, enterprise and problem solving in identifying production variations and making improvement recommendations.

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