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  • Learning Pack: Lesson Planning Kit

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    $199.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    This Learning Pack has been developed to give you a thorough understanding of how to plan your lessons. Covering Volume of Learning, validation, teaching online, customisation and contextualisation, and analysing training needs. This pack is essential for any trainer involved in planning lessons and training. Courses included in this pack: •    Planning and delivering training sessions •    Analysing training needs •    Volume of learning and amount of training •    Validation in the Standards for RTOs 2015 •    Teaching online •    Customising and contextualising training programs
  • Learning Pack: Lesson Preparation and Delivery

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    $199.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    This Learning Pack has been developed as a deep-dive into preparing and delivering lessons. Covering designing assessment tools, addressing LLN, utilising student feedback, customisation and contextualisation and time management. This pack is a must-have for busy trainers looking to advance their lesson planning and development skills. Courses included in this pack: • Designing assessment tools • Addressing language, literacy and numeracy skills • The assessment toolbox • Getting and using feedback from learners • Customising and contextualising training programs • Time management
  • Learning Pack: Soft skill essentials for everyone

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    $199.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    This Learning Pack has been developed as an overview of some of the most essential soft-skills required by today’s professional. Covering time management, building professional networks, emotional intelligence in leadership and training, building good working habits, and setting goals. This pack is essential for any professional working in any industry. Courses included in this pack: • Time management • Building professional networks • Emotional intelligence and leadership • Emotional intelligence and training • Good working habits • Setting goals and priorities
  • Learning pack: Working in a Training Organisation

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    $199.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    This Learning Pack has been developed to give you a comprehensive overview of working in a training organisation. From understanding the VET system, compliance, RPL, unpacking a Unit of Competency and Training Packages, this pack is the VET professional’s key to success. Courses included in this pack: • The VET system – What is it? • Completing your trainer skills matrix • RTO compliance – Not my job! • Understanding RPL and guiding candidates through it • Unpacking a unit of competency • Training package transitions


Printed workbooks can be purchased online. For all eLearning and digital workbook orders, please use the Contact Us form and a Sales and Account Executive will be in touch shortly.  You can contact the Sales team directly on 03 9815 7010.

Here you will find our extensive range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) student workbooks and facilitator and assessment resources for the BSB Business Services, SIT Tourism Hospitality and Events, TAE Training and Education Training Packages, AHC Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservationa nd land management and CHC Community Services as well as IBSA Academy.

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