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  • Customising and contextualising training programs

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    $55.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    In this course, we will explore the difference between customisation and contextualisation, and learn why, how and when to modify materials and methods to better meet the needs of learners and other stakeholders.
  • Teaching online

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    $55.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    In this course, you will learn how to translate face-to-face teaching sessions into online teaching sessions. By the end of this course, you will become familiar with the technology, the approaches, the tips and tricks and the examples that can support you to  deliver the same great teachings, but in an online environment. Learn more about IBSA Academy
  • Validation in the Standards for RTOs 2015

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    $55.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    In this course, we will explore the ASQA requirements for conducting validation, specified in the Standards for RTOs 2015. We will learn about who conducts validation, how to conduct this type of validation, and when to conduct validations so that your RTO stays compliant.
  • Volume of learning and amount of training

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    $55.00 inc. GST for 1 year

    This course will give you an overview of volume of learning (VoL), how it relates to amount of training (AoT), and how to develop a strategy to cover the required volume of learning in qualifications and units.


Here you will find our extensive range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) student workbooks for the BSB Business Services, SIT Tourism Hospitality and Events, FNS Financial Services and TAE Training and Education Training Packages as well as IBSA Academy.

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