Providing financial independence and job skills through vocational training


Australian Training Products and IBSA Group are proud to be supporting WomenCan Australia – a charity that helps isolated and vulnerable women reclaim their financial independence and reconnect with the workforce.  

They do this through The Placement Circle, a pilot program aimed at getting disadvantaged women into sustainable employment by connecting them to accredited, free vocational training through TAFE and Registered Training Organisations. 

The program takes groups of women, including disadvantaged women, through a peer-supported vocational training model and into sustainable employment. To ensure success, participants also have the facilitated support of other women just like them – in their community and close to home.  The peer support framework builds confidence, connection, and work capability.

Bendigo Pilot Programme Manager Margot Spalding said the program is the only one of its kind.

“There is no program specifically targeted at training for women with the direct view to employment,” she said. “The goal of WomenCan is to be spread nationwide because there is no program like this. 

“These women are in all sorts of areas so they may be ethnically diverse women, they may be women who, their children have gone to school and they want to go back to work but they actually just can’t navigate or negotiate the whole training and employment path because it’s too onerous”

WomenCan advocate for a different model when engaging disconnected women and girls into vocational training and employment pathways. The peer-supported model is aiming to roll out multiple pilots programs in high labor demand industries in 2022, with connected pathways to employment. As they scale to deliver bigger programs with greater impact, financial donations and partnerships with training organisation are critical to assisting them in executing a strong 2022 program. 

Get involved

If you are in a position to assist financially, please donate now to their vision and be part of the change:

*All donations are tax-deductible

If you are a VET provider who would like to know more about WomenCAN Australia and The Placement Circle, please contact them here. 

If you are a potential employer of qualified, work-ready women from The Placement Circle members, WomenCAN wants to hear from you. Contact them here. 

Victoria University have also been engaged to evaluate the model with a white paper to be produced for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  When released, the findings will be shared with governments, providers of vocational training and employers.