Our Top 5 eNewsletter picks!


The team at ATP love sharing their latest eNewsletter finds with each other, so we thought why not share them with all of you too!

The VET sector is ever-changing, and sometimes it can seem like a daunting task to keep up-to-date with all the changes. Subscribing to the right newsletters makes it easier than ever to stay ahead of the curve, with current updates sent directly to your inbox.

The following 5 eNewsletters have been hand-picked by the team, and we hope you enjoy them!

  1. TAFE Directors Australia The TDA eNewsletter is one that everyone in the office keeps an eye out for every Monday morning! The newsletter begins each week with an insightful comment from CEO, Craig Robertson. It then delves into VET and Education-related current affairs, including Governmental updates, and more.
    We recommend this newsletter to anyone in the VET sector who is looking for a detailed Monday morning read.
  2. ASQA The Australian Skills and Quality Authority eNewsletter is another must in our office. It provides current updates on their regulatory decisions, plus great VET-related updates. This eNewsletter has a strong focus on regulation and is imperative for those working with TAFEs and RTOs.
  3. Velg Training Velg Training provide a fantastic weekly Member eNewsletter, available via direct email in an abridged format, easy! The team at Velg, affectionately called the ‘Velgy Bunch’ do a great job of curating the latest in VET news, while also keeping you updated on their latest professional development offerings! This is a great all-rounder, perfect for VET Trainers.
  4. NCVER The National Centre for Vocational Education Research provides detailed updates on their current areas of research. This one is great for those who, like the author of this blog, love statistics and getting to the bottom of issues and problems! One of their latest research pieces, ‘Young people more qualified, but find it harder to get work than 10 years ago’, is just one example of the VET-related research conducted. We recommend this one for those looking to fill the time on a long work commute! It requires a little more time than the others, but is well worth it.
  5. AusTech VR This one is a little left-of-centre compared to the four above, but with the current Immersive Education project we’re working on, it’s a game-changer in our office! AusTech VR provides exciting, well-written, hands-on eNewsletters with the latest in technology advances worldwide. The strong focus on VR/AR provides great reading! We recommend this one for anyone with an interest in technology advancements, and incredible 360/VR/AR video content.

Of course, we can’t go past our own eNewsletter, which provides you with updates on the happenings at ATP, as well as content that we’re loving, like that above.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations… happy reading!