5 reasons for a reliable quality assurance process


Compliance is a complex and multifaceted function, but one that is necessary to ensure the integrity and quality of an organisation.

Add in regulatory bodies like ASQA, and RTO compliance becomes one of the most important parts of your organisation’s structure.

So, how do you make sure that you not only meet the regulatory requirements but also meets the needs of your organisation?

To achieve this balancing act, requires a solid quality assurance process that encompasses five key components:

  1. Identifying the obligations that are applicable to meet the requirements of statutory and regulatory bodies.
  2. Assessing risk and its associated impact if obligations are not met.
  3. Managing your obligations.
  4. Monitoring and reviewing your resources regularly to ensure they remain accurate and up to date.
  5. Reporting to governing bodies and stakeholders.

The impact of non-compliance is significant. Organisations could be de-registered or receive a fine. It could also cause enormous reputational damage that will be hard to recover from.

Your partner in quality.

Australian Training Products’ quality assurance service “Quality Counts’ can be an integral part of your quality process. We offer objective, thorough and comprehensive reviews of all your learning and assessment resources and provide a detailed report at the conclusion. This includes clear recommendations for any issues found and a post-review meeting to discuss the outcomes.

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