2018 Velg Training National VET Conference

Announcement, General

Proud VET Sponsor

Australian Training Products are proud gold sponsors of the 2018 Velg Training National VET Conference to be held in Adelaide from 13 – 14 September.

The ATP team are looking forward to attending the conference, hearing from industry experts, and interacting with everyone attending.

Kerri Buttery and Melanie Alexandra from Velg Training will deliver a master class on ‘Troubleshooting the TAS’ which the team believes will be a beneficial class, that will help many people, including ourselves, to better understand compliance and evidence.

The conference will provide a fantastic opportunity to open up a dialogue about the VET industry, and is also a great time for delegates to approach the team with any questions they may have relating to resources or the VET industry in general.

New technologies – VR, 360° video, and more!

The ATP team have also been working with some exciting new technologies, including VR and 360° video, which have the capabilities of enhancing, changing and shaping the way education is delivered and absorbed in the future.

The team will have 360° video available to sample during the conference, which features a well-known chef working through one of their signature dishes. We encourage everyone to visit our booth and experience a learning experience like none seen before!

Meet the ATP Team

As well as the Business Development Team, the ATP Digital Team will also be available throughout the conference to discuss the wide variety of services available including website development, app creation (iOS and Android), digital marketing and data-centered digital solutions.

Where you’ll find us…

Our booth will be located within the exhibition hall, so be sure to drop by and chat with the teams, grab yourself a Swag Bag that’s bursting at the seams with goodies, and experience all that ATP has to offer.

Please feel free to pass on your suggestions of places to eat, great coffee, and must-do activities in Adelaide, we’d love to hear from you!