Facilitator and Assessor Guides

Facilitator and Assessor Guide 

The Facilitator and Assessor Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the Student Workbook developed by Innovation & Business Skills Australia.

Delivered in a digital format, the Facilitator Guide contains references and links to topical literature and MS Word documents, including:

  • planning documentation to support the contextualisation and validation of training delivery and assessment
  • session plans, training support references and PowerPoint presentations
  • assessor instructions, assessment tasks and marking guides
  • assessment mapping against:
    • performance criteria
    • foundation skills
    • performance evidence
    • knowledge evidence.

IBSA learning and assessment materials enable best practice teaching and learning, and facilitate compliance.

The right to use the RTO Guide and Facilitator Resources is restricted to use in conjunction with IBSA’s Student Workbook. Any use not related to IBSA’s Student Workbook is outside the scope of the license granted by IBSA.

Student Workbook

IBSA’s range of entertaining and interactive Student Workbooks is comprehensive and affordable, and has been created with ease of use in mind.

IBSA Workbooks have been developed with the assistance of both vocational education and training experts and industry representatives to ensure currency, validity and quality of the highest order.

Student Workbooks feature:

  • activities to consolidate learning, including video vignettes in selected units
  • real-life case studies and illustrative scenarios
  • a glossary and information on further reading.

Please note: These products contain the Student Workbooks ONLY. Printed Assessment Materials books are NOT included. The assessments are available in MS Word format on the Facilitator and Assessor Guide to be contextualised and printed.