Digital Badging and Credentials – The Basics

With the rise of micro-credentialing and digital badging, we’ve decided to unpack what it all means.

Micro-credentials – What are they?

Micro-credentialing enables learners’ access to certification for attaining smaller and more specific areas of learning. It is, in theory, a micro degree.

Many organisations specialise in micro-credentialing such as LinkedIn Learning and Google’s extensive list of online learning material.

Micro-credentialing generally focuses on very specific areas such as; emotional intelligence, team management, digital marketing and analytics.

They’re built to be digested much faster, delivered in short bursts, designed to engage learners and increase outcomes.

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Where do Digital Badges fit in?

With the rise of micro-credentialing, we’re also seeing a rise in digital badging.

This new initiative in the learning, training and development space has been adopted by companies like Google and IBM and provides staff and learners with a way to quantify and communicate the skills earned through micro-credentialing.

Digital badges can be added to CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and other platforms to promote learned skills, and they are increasingly becoming a hot commodity within many industries.

IBM, one of the first companies to adopt digital badges, have noted an increase in engagement and completion rates for courses since the introduction of digital badges.

They noted an added value to all measures within their business, including sales, staff satisfaction, talent verification, and employee recognition, to name a few.

IBSA Academy takes on Digital Badging

Credly is an organisation leading the digital credentialing movement.

Australian Training Products are proud to be partnering with Credly to power the new IBSA Academy Digital Badges.

Upon successful completion of your IBSA Academy course, you will be awarded a Digital Badge, thanks to Credly.

These badges provide you with a powerful tool to easily share verified proof of your IBSA Academy Credential with your professional network, employers and others.

Digital Badges support you in communicating the skill level and importance of your credential.

The metadata detail within a badge, a strong focus for Credly, clearly articulates the skill, knowledge and continued commitment required to obtain it.

Keeping your skills up to date

Finding the time to complete your Professional Development or learn a new skill is often more difficult than completing the training itself.

With the new release of IBSA Academy, it’s never been easier to stay on top of your learning.

Including self-paced testing and learning and interactive checkpoints, all courses have been built to increase engagement and retention.

Successfully complete your course and earn a Digital Badge that can be shared throughout your personal and professional network.

Find out more

To learn more about the new IBSA Academy, follow the link here.