Amplifying your Professional Development

Professional Development is more than ticking a box in your annual performance review. It is about taking time out to shine a spotlight on your personal brand or enabling the development of your team/staff via two areas:

  • skilling up to a new ability/area, or
  • fine-tuning of current/existing skills

Either way, it is a valuable tool to take charge of your career development and take it to a whole new level.

Looking to learn?

The ultimate career booster

There has never been a better time to seek out ways to boost your career.

With the world in flux and many of us working from home, now is the perfect time to take advantage.

Learning a new skill helps you stay in control and build your confidence during uncertain times. This is an opportunity to bolster your skillset.

Online courses are an easy and accessible way to do this.

Manage a team?

Professional Development is good for your business
Providing easy and accessible professional development options to your staff is a tool to engage and retain them.

Fill current and future skills gaps in your own organisation
Professional development helps future proof companies; ensuring you do not have a skills shortage in your own organisation, through developing and promoting your staff. 

Skills can have expiration dates
With digital transformation and business models rapidly changing; the functional/technical skills you have now may hit an expiration date.

Professional development for staff helps you, and them, stay ahead of the curve.

Soft and hard skills are in demand
It is a great time for companies to encourage their employees to take up online courses to improve their technical, functional expertise, and soft skills.

Those skills that matter, regardless of their individual roles, and are in high demand from many organisations. Soft skills, such as emotional intelligence and time management feature in the new ISBA Academy Soft Skills Learning Pack.

How to kickstart professional development

It’s time to get uncomfortable
Professional development is an opportunity to get out of a comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Have a laser focus
Use this time to further your career, plan out your PD and what to focus on, and find a course now.

There are simple ways to get started. Use our handy five-step checklist below to plan out your PD journey.

Five ways to amplify professional development – a starter checklist

Take it to a whole new level

  1. Work out a focus area
    It is all about asking questions. Where do you want to be next? Where do you want to take your teams? What are the skills gaps – current and future? 
  2. Find a course, access available resources
    Shortlist your options. Find what courses, events, or networking opportunities are available at your fingertips. There are many available from micro-learning to full courses. IBSA Academy is a great source for online study options.
  3. Commit to it
    Once you are enrolled. Dedicate a time, commit to it, diarise it. Stay motivated.
    Think of the finish line and beyond (goals). 
  4. Get some help along the way
    Find a mentor to help you, or team up with a study buddy who is doing the same course.
  5. Finished the course? Plan your next goal
    Keep the momentum going – but also reward yourself by updating your CV and social profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) with your new skills. 
    You can easily share your success with employers and online networks with our new IBSA Academy Badges.

Take that first step now

These may be challenging times, but you can also use it to your advantage, either for yourself or your teams, and challenge yourself with learning.

Turn spare time into productivity. You will have grown and developed a new skill in your PD toolkit, or you will have a more engaged team with expanded skills that benefit your business.

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