Making the move – eLearning

With the current COVID-19 situation and the challenges in moving towards studying and working remotely, we are here to assist you as much as we can.

We know that many of you will be implementing plans to pivot your organisation to online delivery and need this to happen seamlessly. At Australian Training Products, we have the resources to assist with this transition.

Throughout this period the team will be operating as usual and will be on-hand to collaborate with you to help find the best way forward for your organisation.

Tips and advice – develop an eLearning support toolkit

There are many products and tools available that will help you make the transition to online delivery easier.

At Australian Training Products, we use the following toolkit to enable our workforce to operate remotely, while maintaining business continuity and collaborating effectively:

Zoom is an online video conferencing and phone system tool.  You can have up to 40-minute conference calls on the basic plan with up to 100 participants. We use it at ATP to host meetings with our clients and staff, and as our main phone system.
Zoom allows us to accept calls to our work numbers, from any location. This is a great tool to host workshops, meetings, or online classroom activities.

Microsoft Teams is an instant way to stay connected with your colleagues while you’re working remotely. If your organisation has uses the Office 365 suite of products, then you will most likely have access to this seamless communications tool. We utilise it while in the office and when working remotely to share documents, have group discussions, and sometimes just for some much-needed water-cooler chat.

Google Forms is a free online tool which allows you to create surveys, quizzes, and yep you guessed it, forms. Google Forms can be used in an online classroom environment for setting up quizzes on a topic, taking a survey to work out everyone’s availability for a Zoom call, or collecting important information from students like emergency contacts and personal contact details.

eLearning solutions from Australian Training Products

Australian Training Products have a long history of providing industry-leading, engaging eLearning solutions for the VET sector.

Easy to use
We pride ourselves on making eLearning simple and user friendly, for trainers and students.

Complimentary LMS
Our Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) is available, at no cost, to our customers. Our team can assist with setup, troubleshooting, and training for this system, at a time convenient for you.

A wide range of eLearning options
You can view our product list here or get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.

Find out more about our eLearning here.

What about compliance?

Compliance is a touchy subject at the best of times, so it’s important to understand your requirements as we move through these unprecedented times.

ASQA Updates
The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) have recently released some FAQs which aim to help training providers navigate the current landscape and can be found here, as well as a ‘temporary changes notification form’ which can be completed online here.

Flexible and adaptive measures are now in play
Notably, they have advised of the following changes:

“ASQA recognises that providers may need to implement temporary measures as they adapt and respond to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
ASQA is committed to providing a flexible regulatory approach to support providers to maintain quality.”

What else to consider? – Capabilities and set-up

  1. Training – Train your trainers
     Ensuring your trainers are comfortable and competent using your eLearning system of choice is crucial to the success of online delivery.
    We can provide initial training via a webinar for your trainers while we get you set-up with our LMS.
    This is also a great time to implement a communication tool, like Microsoft Teams, to enable your team to discuss their issues and tips for eLearning.
  2. Technically ready trainers and students
    It’s important to ensure that your trainers and students have access to an internet-enabled device to access eLearning. It is also important to provide advice to trainers and students on the best way to set themselves up to learn remotely.
  3. Setting up for success
    It is also key to provide advice to trainers and students on the best way to set themselves up to learn remotely. This could include; creating a space dedicated to work/learning, ensuring they are ergonomically set up, set themselves work and non-work time and communicate this clearly with others.
    This article from SBS provides a great overview of how to work from home, read it here.
  4. Allow enough time
    Make sure you allow yourself and your team enough time to implement eLearning and to work through any potential teething issues with your learners.

Please get in touch

We’re all in this together and it will take a collective effort to ensure we all move forward and continue to operate with minimal impacts.
Should you require any other support during this period, please reach out to our team.
We will be more than happy to work together to find a suitable solution for you.

Phone: 03 9815 7000
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