Australian Training Products along with IBSA were key sponsors of both the 2019 Velg National VET Conference (NVC) and the TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) National Convention, which were both held in Brisbane.

Both conferences provided great insights into the current trends of the VET sector and allowed both ATP and IBSA to engage in meaningful discussion with key stakeholders.

ATP’s Executive Director, Garry Gow, presented at the TDA Convention on Shaping the skills of our future workforce. His presentation focused on how IBSA and ATP are working to ensure that the future workforce is equipped with the skills they will require in the rapidly changing workforce.

This was a great opportunity to engage with industry experts to discuss their predicted skills needs for the future, and to learn how they are preparing themselves and their students to thrive in these changing landscapes.

TDA also provided an opportunity for a panel discussion with the author of The Joyce Review, Steven Joyce, TAFE SA CEO, David Coltmand, TAFE Directors Australia CEO, Craig Robertson, and Director of Year 13, Saxon Philips.

This panel delved into the key areas of The Joyce Review and also opened up the questions from the room in regards to the report, with input from all panellists, providing a well-rounded discussion on the current state of the VET sector.

Our key takeaway from the session was from Steven Joyce, reiterating the importance of ensuring that students going through the VET system are leaving with qualifications that are respected by their respective industries.

The Velg NVC was another opportunity for IBSA and ATP to engage with VET industry experts and discuss how we can assist them to continue providing world-leading education to their students.

We were also able to join many of the informative and engaging sessions hosted throughout the two days including the ASQA presentations on industry trends and ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy.

ATP and IBSA would like to extend a warm thank you to both Velg and TAFE Directors Australia, as well as all delegates, for providing us with the opportunity to exhibit and engage at both of these fantastic VET conferences.